Volcor Finishing, Inc. is a leader in the metal finishing industry. From fasteners to small metal and die cast parts, our revolutionary process, V-Cote, yields a high integrity, organic finish unmatched in conventional coating processes. This technology provides our customers with advanced organic materials precisely deposited on complex parts.

The efficiency of the V-Cote process permits superior corrosion resistance plus excellent overall appearance and performance properties. V-Cote offers high volume production with world-class quality at competitive prices.

Volcor’s quality system is ISO-9001:2000 certified. Our in-house laboratory will provide process certifications to verify conformity of our finish to your product specifications. When in-depth testing and documentation are required, we can also provide test results from an independent A2LA lab.

Volcor is dedicated to providing exemplary personal service. Our conscientious employees understand the realities of supplying the dynamic automotive industry. We are committed to providing you with superior service and a superior product. We will provide quotations in 24 hours or less. When emergencies arise and customers do not have the luxury of typical lead times, our people will work closely with you to satisfy your customer’s requirements.

At Volcor, we offer:

    • Superior Quality Finishes.
    • Environmentally compliant coatings.
    • Competitive Pricing.
    • ISO-9001:2000 certified quality system.
    • Pickup and delivery services.
    • Custom Packaging (when required).

To better acquaint you with the quality and performance of our revolutionary V-COTE process and other coatings, we encourage you to come visit our facility. Please feel free to supply samples for us to process for your evaluation.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Thomas M.A. Johnson
Volcor President & CEO

  • Eliminates trapped air pockets.
  • Assures against recess head fill on threaded surfaces.
  • Provides process flexibility for parts with special adhesive bonding requirements.
  • Minimizes “touch points”, offering improved corrosion resistance and cosmetic appearance.
  • Does not require racking, and therefore incurs no rack/tooling charges.
  • Meets automotive e-coat specifications.

Volcor also offers a variety of phosphate products for coating ferrous or non-ferrous metals, including calcium modified zinc phosphate.

Phosphate coatings are chemical conversion coatings. Parts are immersed in a phosphoric acid bath and the resulting chemical reaction etches the surface of the metal and forms a crystalline phosphate structure on the part.

These coatings provide a clean surface with improved corrosion protection. The phosphate coatings will enhance paint adhesion, and are commonly used as a pre-treatment for high quality paint finishes. These coatings are also widely used in noise and vibration dampening applications prior to an adhesive application for rubber bonding. Another common use of phosphates is as a base for improving oil/wax carrying capability.

Volcor’s Zinc Phosphate Coatings:

  • Can be applied in a variety of crystal sizes and coating weights.
  • Provide a clean surface compatible with adhesives.
  • Greatly improve adhesive retention.
  • Eliminate reactions between adhesives and metals.
  • Improve corrosion resistance.